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Why is there a difference in Website Design Price?

Every website has a few micro goals and one large goal. Naturally, if you just want to display some basic information about your company, you can get the cheapest option. The general rule of thumb is; the bigger the goal (and more micro goals) the more expensive your website will be.

Let’s look at the types of website

  1. One Page website – as what it means, only one page website. This website is suitable for small businesses like a print shop, runcit (sundry shop), barbershop.
    Market Acceptable Rate: Starts at RM 500
    Completion Time: 2-3 days.
  2. Company website – a step higher than one-page website. Nothing too complex, just structured content according to pages. These pages are also used to differentiate between products and services.
    Market Acceptable Rate: Starts at RM 2,500
    Completion Time: 2-3 weeks.
  3. eCommerce Website – these type of website can be really complex because there’s a lot of functions that is important and we are dealing with actual money (digital actually) with lots of product. The price scales up really quickly as more features are added onto the system.
    Market Acceptable Rate: Starts at RM 4,000
    Completion Time: 5-8 weeks.

What is the acceptable web design price for 2018?

The acceptable price for web design shoot depends on these four things.

  1. Platform and Maintenance – This can be your CMS or a basic HTML flat file. Using a CMS can be costly. And because it’s a system it might break down from time to time so you will need to maintain them regularly and there is a cost associated to it.
  2. Copywriting – Good copywriting can help to sell more of your products or services. The poor ones will just flush your money down the bowl. One thing you have to be aware of copywriting is not too focus on you, there should be a higher purpose, such as, how will your product meet your customers’ life better, how you can solve your customer problems or compliments their workflow.
  3. Pictures/ photos – While using the iPhone is adequate, hiring a professional is ideal. These can act as your stock photos or if you are really lazy, you can just buy these images. But these stock photos don’t really help you to stand out and be different compared to others.
  4. Results – Results can be your traffic or the number of conversion on the website. It’s important for you to track your online efforts and where this leads you. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Take a good look at your statistics and improve with these stats.

Ask us for the portfolio. We are more than happy to share with you.

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