launch 100+ ready-to-deploy audiences

Instantly launch a full-funnel targeting strategy

A winning audience roster

360° audience coverage

100+ audiences available within just a few clicks inside a centralized audience hub.

Machine learning + pixel data

AI Audiences™

Leverage AI technology to discover and target your most profitable audiences. Launch 27 audiences created based on an eRFM model.

Benefit from quality and quantity

Super Lookalike Audiences

Use AdsEngineer Top Seed Audiences to blend multiple high converting lookalikes into a single Super Lookalike Audience and watch your ROAS take off.

Benefit from quality and quantity

Data-driven targeting

Easily select your best-performing demographics according to historical data. Make an intelligent choice based on past persona performance.

Optimize your ads in just a few clicks

Funnel stage breakdown

A winning audience roster

Expand internationally by selecting your most profitable countries, regions, and DMAs. Explore new markets and profit from your best locations.

Complexity is no problem

Combine tactics and conditions to create a personalized strategy that is suitable even for your most complex requirements. Set your imagination free and achieve your most specific goals.

Designed for small businesses and franchises

Local targeting enables hyper-targeting for small businesses. Reach customers in your city, neighborhood, or anywhere around your branch. Customize your targeting and narrow it down to a 1km radius.


A winning audience roster

Extended lookalike percentage range

Experiment with your lookalike percentages and go all the way up to 20%. Find the most profitable audiences, scale them, and push your business forward.

The right ad in the right place

Placement optimization

Target your audiences on the most profitable channels, placements, and platforms. Take a look at your performance data and communicate better with your potential customers.