the adsengineer vision

adsengineer is a team of dedicated and creative professionals who are

passionately committed to making our clients’ success our priority.

Your success is our success.

Catherine Chan, co-founder of ads online enterprise

our mission

Create one autonomous ad-buying platform to manage account starting from RM 500/month in ad spend by uniting all the knowledge, skills, and technology required to succeed with Google & Facebook Ads.

Designed by advertisers, for advertisers

We know what you need because we know who you are. You are an advertiser, just like us; This is why AdsEngineer is made just for you.
We are experienced ad buyers who don’t waste time on “fluff” and just get straight to what’s important: providing insights about what works best in advertising.

Outcome-oriented philosophy


We work hard to generate a measurable incremental business outcome for our customers.
This is why we constantly analyze our work and are always looking for ways to improve our platform.

The Robin Hood of online advertising

Our goal is making high expertise and cutting edge technology accessible to all advertisers, not just big spenders.
Every advertiser who spends anywhere from RM500-RM100k/mo can benefit from using AdsEngineer.

Value matters

We move fast to develop disruptive solutions and products.
We value Time-to-Value: immediately delivering results for our customers. That’s why we designed a platform that has proven to produce results within 1-2 days. 

1=0, 2=1

Our motto: 1 step forward means staying in place (0 progress), 2 steps forward take you 1 step forward.
We constantly keep innovating and pushing our boundaries because in the field of online advertising, slow progress is no progress.

Grow together

As a company, AdsEngineer is a family that nurtures the skills of each and every employee. As our employees grow into highly qualified professionals, our company evolves with them.
Likewise, we also grow together with our customers. Your success is our success, and by pushing your business forward, we push ours in the same direction.

Fulfill yourself

We make sure each one of our team members gets to do what they enjoy most. That’s our secret.
We also help each one of our customers reach their full potential and achieve performance way beyond their dreams.

Meet The Team

Catherine Chan

CEO & Co-Founder

Amirah Aqilah

Customer Service

Muhammad Razman

Creative Manager

Simon Ong

Cross Border Marketing Manager

Khai Loon Lau

Head of Digital Marketing

Aaron Tan

Product Creation Manager